Day 1 - Synths

Synths are great for adding some killer basslines to a track, or to create some stirring chord pads to lift a chorus, depending upon what you need, there will be a synth to nail that job!

Shopping Tips:

  • There are different types of synth – firstly analogue or digital – analogue tend to be mono or duo voiced, digital will tend to be a polysynth, as there can be more oscillators.
  • Polyphony is important! If you want to play chords, you won’t be able to on a mono synth – make sure you check how many oscillators the synth has – that is how many notes you can play! Options are usually 1,2,4,8 and 16.
  • Some synths can send CV (Control Voltage) allowing you to send from one synth to another – if you have multiple synths, this is a great tool!
  • Some synths do very specific jobs, some are more versatile – make sure you check out what the synth is and can do – you want the right tool for the job!
  • If you are stuck, please just ask, we’re more than happy to recommend something for you!

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  1. Novation Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser
    Novation Summit Polyphonic Synthesiser
    Our price £1,755.00 £1,462.50
    1 in stock

  2. Behringer Deepmind 12D
    Behringer Deepmind 12D
    Our price £606.00 £505.00
    2 in stock

  3. Behringer Model D Analogue Synthesizer
    Behringer Model D Analogue Synthesizer
    Our price £293.00 £244.17
    6 in stock

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