Proel PPCASE12W IP67 Waterproof Wheeled Flight Case with Layered Picky Foam

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Modified polypropylene injection molded case. Equipped with practical pull retractable handle, with locking system and recessed wheels in the structure. Outer dimensions: W-580 mm x D-345 mm x H-230 mm Inner dimensions: W-520 mm x D-288 mm x H-200 mm
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Proel PPCASE12W IP67 Waterproof Wheeled Flight Case with Layered Picky Foam

The PPCASE series from Proel are heavy-duty flight cases constructed with the most robust of materials to combat against the most extreme of treatments and conditions. The PPCASE series has been solely designed to protect your equipment and ensure it is transported safely between destinations. 

Tough Exterior
The Proel PPCASE12W is constructed of injection- moulded polypropylene compound material that offers incredibly high durability qualities that ensure the case’s exterior will survive the toughest of transportation handlings. The PPCASE12W is rust and corrosion-resistant thanks to the polypropylene exterior material, additionally this also means the PPCASE12W is waterproof and dustproof. Poor weather or transportation conditions are no match for this case. You can rest easy knowing your equipment won’t suffer. Lastly, the PPCASE12W is equipped with a valve for the internal pressure regulation to keep the contents unaffected during flights.

Customisable Internals
The Proel PPCASE12W comes supplied with “eggbox” style foam inside the lid enclosure, while the body of the case’s enclosure features a customisable picky foam composition. Meaning you can customise the shape of the foam inside the case to your specification. If you have a particular piece of equipment you wish to transport safely you can create a perfectly fitted bed for it by picking out the foam cubes, so the equipment won’t be knocked around inside the case while in transit.

The PPCASE12W case is not only able to keep your equipment safe from physical handling factors but also security factors. The front two clips feature a latch-able locking mechanism to prevent the clips from accidentally coming undone while in transportation. Additionally, the lid and body edges have purposed placed holes for the use of padlocks to keep your gear safe from any prying hands while out on the road.

Dual Handles
The PPCASE12W’s design embodies practicality and ease of use. The case features 2x large rubberised handle to make carrying the case an easy task. Their large, robust design means the handles can survive the treatments of the road and stay attached to the case even after the bumpiest journeys compared to other less robust hard case handle designs.

Easy Transportation
The Proel PPCASE12W features 2x recessed wheels that allow the case to be wheeled like a tradition suitcase during travel alongside the included retractable handle. The handle attached to the case via two latches that keep the handle locked in place both when released and stored. Simply pinch the two laches on the body to free or store the handle.


Outer dimensions: W-580 mm x D-345 mm x H-230 mm
Inner dimensions: W-520 mm x D-288 mm x H-200 (150+50) mm

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