Studiospares S945 Dynamic Mic Bundle 2

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The S945 is a great microphone for vocalists and engineers alike. This microphone is great for live or recorded vocals, but can also be used to capture other instruments.
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Studiospares S945 Dynamic Microphone

The Studiospares S945 Dynamic Microphone is an excellent choice for vocalist, musicians and engineers from entry to a professional level. The S945 features over 20 years of design and refinement, to provide you with an exceptional build and sound quality for a modest price that swamps competitive brands for value for money.



The Studiospares S945’s frequency response is specifically designed to be tailored to the human voice frequency range. With its wide and flat frequency response from 55Hz to 17kHz, the S945 will accurately capture all the harmonic detail of any vocal performance with total ease and fidelity. Making this microphone as a perfect choice for any live vocal performances, conference and even as a reliable talkback mic in the recording studio or live venue.


A hyper-cardioid polar pattern is present with the S945. The characteristics of this mic will be an increased sensitivity to sound coming to the front of the capsule. Ideal for vocal performances and close micing any instruments like drum-kit elements or instrument amplifiers. The S945 is fantastic at rejecting unwanted off-axis sounds, perfect for eliminating any chance of stage monitoring feedback or spill from other instruments on stage, for example.


Being a dynamic microphone, the S945 will be perfect for dealing with high SPLs. Meaning it will have no issue being able to accurately capture high volume instruments like drum-kit elements like snares or toms, and stringed instruments like electric guitar cabinets with ultimate clarity. Dynamic microphones are known to have a low sensitivity trait, so for the most effective application, they should be positioned close to the sound source.


The S945 features a two-stage pop blast filer making it equipped to deal with any plosives from even the most extreme vocal performances. The pop filters are easily removed for cleaning, which is highly recommended for hygiene purposes, especially if more than one person is using the microphone.


The capsule of the microphone is soft mounted inside to keep low-frequency handling noise to an absolute minimum. From high energy performances to small placement changes while mounted in a mic stand.


The Studiospares S945 has a mute On/Off switch located on the body, that will allow you to quickly mute the microphone for position changes or even stylistic/artistic application during a performance. With a die-cast zinc alloy for strength and shielding, this S945 will survive any hardships thrown its way, while keeping any unwanted noise-free from its high-quality capture of sound.


Inside the box of the Studiospares S945, the following items will be included:

  • S945 Microphone
  • Leather Microphone Carry Case
  • Mic Stand Adaptor


Studiospares Pro Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom

Manufactured to a standard, not a price. A reliable no-compromise product with a Diecast metal base and Tommy Bar for easy boom adjustment. The height adjusting sleeve clamp is nylon, not plastic. With the precision engineering lavished on this product plus the availability of all components adds up to make this stand the most popular in the UK.


Matte Black Powder coated for a smart and durable finish. Screws do not gouge marks in the metalwork with long legs which guarantee stability. Boom arm can be set to any length and angle and uses a Tommy Bar for more effortless adjustment. (Plastic Knobs break under pressure) Materials are pre-processed to stop rust. Boom includes a cable clip to stop loose cables pulling the microphone.


Why will it outlast competitive products?

  • For a start, the raw material steel passes through a phosphorization process involving immersion in a chemical bath to remove oil and grease contaminates and any rust often found unseen inside tubing.
  • The surface is then ROHS compliant powder coated and baked in an oven at a high temperature to provide the most durable surface possible. A more expensive process than paint spraying.
  • Component parts are simply better. The Diecast metal base is not plastic which breaks easily when left overnight in a cold van,
  • The height adjusting sleeve is nylon, not plastic because it is stronger
  • Leg hinges are metal, not plastic
  • Manufacturing tolerances are low through Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • ROHS Compliant with EU Hazardous Substance requirements.
  • Spares held in stock in Luton



XLR Male – XLR Female Moulded 6m

This range of Moulded equipment leads is true of professional quality. The leads are heavy duty and not consumer Hi-Fi types and considered second to none.
Main benefits

  • Strong bond between cable and connectors
  • The substantial strain relief significantly increases cable reliability at the point where the cable exits the connector
  • Low self-capacity Oxygen Free Cable (OFC) ensures high frequencies are not attenuated
  • Not susceptible to hums and interference from Taxis, mobile phones and thyristor-controlled lighting
  • Best possible screening by 64 strands of copper wire wound spirally round the signal conductor
  • Gold plated so will not tarnish to provide perfect contact every time
  • Leads include a hook and loop retained cable wrap. Can be slipped off if not required
  • Greater reliability than conventional leads which usually fail where the cable exits the connector


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