Roadmap Back To Live Music

When will live music return in the UK?

Whether you are a musician, performer or avid gig-goer, we are all missing live music terribly, but there is hope on the horizon!

Following government guidance closely, we are all gearing up for the return of live music.
Studiospares have put together this road map to keep you informed.

All information we have provided is based on the
guidance provided by the UK Government and is subject to change.

*Last updated Tuesday 6th April 2021*  


Key Dates

12th April 2021 - Live Music Not Permitted

Theatres, concert halls, grassroots music venues and entertainment venues must remain closed, except for; Rehearsal and training (no audience), and performances for broadcast and recording purposes (no audience). 

You can continue to rehearse and live-stream from the comfort and safety of your own home. Subject to your neighbour's patience...


17th May 2021 - Live Music Less Restricted

The government will also allow some performances and events in indoor venues with a capacity of 1,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number), and in outdoor venues with a capacity of 4,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number). In the largest outdoor seated venues, where crowds can be spread out, up to 10,000 people will be able to attend (or a quarter-full, whichever is lower). 

Social distancing must remain in place and attendees must order, eat and drink while seated. People should continue to keep their distance from anyone not in their household or support bubble.


21st June 2021 - Live Music Returns

Time to dust off your guitars, dig out your festival wellies, don your leathers and nab yourself some gig tickets, because live music is back! Venues, theatres and artists will be permitted to return to live music as we knew it before Covid-19.

This will be subject to the results of testing and pilot events throughout Spring and Summer.


Handy Tips

  1. Clean and sanitise your microphones before and after use.
    Purchase your Bullet Professional Microphone Sterliser from Studiospares.
  2. Sanitise your hands frequently. 
  3. Wear facemasks where possible. 
  4. Socially distance whilst on stage and rehearsing when possible. 
  5. Never kiss the drummer...



   Using Recording and Rehearsal Studios 

   The decision to return to working in recording and rehearsal studios is one that only you can take.
   You must make sure that you take adequate steps to review any relevant guidance and come to a
   sensible decision based on your own enquiries. Restrictions will
vary for each premises,
be sure to check information on their website.


   Additional Information 

   Remember, if planning to return to performing live, it is a venue’s responsibility to
   perform a risk assessment, although there are also some personal safety measures
   that you should be taking into consideration.

   The Musicians' Union have put together helpfull advice for those returning to workplaces,
   for those postponing work and for those finding ways to work remotely and online. 

   Be sure to check the UK Goverment website for the latest updates on restictions